Dr. Daniel Amen

Dr. Daniel AmenDr. Daniel Amen is the founder and medical director of the six Amen clinics in the United States. His innovative methods make use of SPECT imaging in a way they have never been used previously. The praise of his innovative methods and practice of psychiatry make him one of the most renowned psychiatrists in America today. He is a regular name on the New York Times list of best selling authors, and he frequently makes appearances on television shows such as Dr. Phil and The View.

As well as being a psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel Amen is also a physician, and it is this combination of medical science and mental science background that gives him the advantage of success in his field. His clinics have performed over 100,000 SPECT imaging scans on patients to help them with a plan for developing better brain health. Dr. Amen is recognized as the leader in the field of studies on brain damage in professional football players, and was also awarded the title of “Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.”

Dr. Amen has made his expertise widely available to the public through his psychiatric celebrity status. His television specials and appearances have raised a great deal of awareness on brain science, and have raised a great deal of funding for public television. The books and articles he has written and contributed to have been translated into many international languages, as well as reaching the highest rungs of the best seller ranks.

Dr. Amen has encountered his share of criticism as well. Critics of his work claim that he professes to be a mind reader, overstepping the limitations of what a SPECT image can reveal about a brain. Others say that his clinical practices misuse medical technology, exposing people to potentiallty hazardous nuclear medicine that has not been long enough established. It is true that SPECT imaging is a recent science, but the claims that Amen clinics are mishandling the science are unfounded.

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